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74 A note in the National Portrait Gallery Heinz library which lists portraits possibly exhibited at the RA says :
" portrait of Mr and Mrs Frederick Michael Selwyn by Miss I M Haywood RA 1853".

If anyone knows of the whereabouts of this portrait, we would like to know about it. 
Selwyn, Frederick Michael (I0027)
75 A short biography by Lindy Bradley is available on the Winchester Cathedral website at Selwyn, The Very Rev. Edward Gordon (I0040)
76 According to his entry in John Davis, the history of the Second Queen's
Royal Regiment, now the Queen's (Royal West) Surrey Regiment, vol. vi
(London, 1906), which covers officers serving between 1661 and 1904,
William Selwyn was commissioned as a Captain in the Guards on 1 September
1681, as Captain & Lieutenant Colonel, 2nd Foot Guards in 1688 and Colonel
of the 2nd Regiment of Foot on 18 December 1691. He was made a Brigadier
General in 1695, and exchanged to the Colonelcy of the 22nd Foot on 28 June
1701. On 9 March 1702, he was promoted to Major General and Governor of
Jamaica. He died in Jamaica on 6 April 1702. He served at the battles of
Landen, 19 July 1693 and Namur, 20 August 1695, serving in the allied army
under the command of William III. He appears to have served at some time
probably in the Anglo-Dutch Brigade in the United Netherlands, where he
came to the notice of the future William III.  
Selwyn, Maj. Gen. William (I0486)
77 Acquired Matson House from Ambrose and Susan Willoughby in 1600. Selwyn, Jasper (I0536)
78 Ada Cecilie Adams
(Married name: Hutchinson H S) graduated from the University of Cambridge (Newnham College) in 1924
with a BA (Class: II)

from the archives of St. Andrew's University 
Adams, Ada Cecilie (I1073)
79 Adm. (age 18) at CAIUS, July 17, 1871. S. of William Marshall, gent., deceased, of Longwood, near Bingley, Yorks. B. at Bowling, near Bradford. School, Blackheath proprietary. Matric. Michs. 1871; B.A. 1875; M.A. 1878. Ord. deacon (Norwich) 1876; priest, 1877; C. of North Walsham, Norfolk, 1876-8. R. of St Michael Coslany, Norwich, 1881-4. V. of Sheerness, 1884-6. V. of St James, Hatcham, Surrey, 1886-91. V. of St John-the-Evang., Boscombe, 1891-1900. V. of Holy Trinity, Hampstead, 1900-8. V. of Sherborne and P.C. of Castleton, Dorset, 1908-15. V. of Church of the Messiah, Toronto, 1915-19. R. of Charmouth, Dorset, 1920-2. Lived latterly at Swanage, where he died Feb. 28, 1924. Brother of William M. (1877); father of William M. (1898). (Venn, II. 399; Crockford; The Times, Feb. 29, 1924.) Selwyn, Rev. Sydney Augustus (I0571)
80 Adm. at KING'S, a Scholar from Eton, July 2, 1833. 2nd s. of Thomas, Capt., 16th Regt., on the Staff of the R.M.C., Sandhurst, Berks.
B. there June 17, 1814.
Matric. Michs. 1833; Prizeman; B.A. 1837; M.A. 1840; B.D. 1849; D.D. 1859.
Fellow, 1836-49.
M.A.; incorp. at Oxford, 1849.
Ord. deacon, 1838; priest, 1839; C. of Headley Down, Hants.
Assistant Master at Eton College, 1839-49.
Divinity Lecturer at St George's Chapel, Windsor, 1848.
Went out to New Zealand to join Bishop Selwyn, 1850.
Chaplain and Principal of St John's College, Auckland, 1850.
Archdeacon of Waitemata, 1853.
Chaplain to Bishop Selwyn.
First Bishop of Wellington, N.Z., 1858-70.
Urged just treatment of the natives during the Maori War in 1860.
Returned to England, 1868.
Ramsden Preacher, 1869.
Coadjutor to Bishop (Selwyn) of Lichfield, 1870-8. Preb. of Lichfield, 1872-6. R. (non-resident) of Tatenhill, Staffs., 1875-6. Canon and Precentor of Lichfield, 1876-90.
Assisted in the revision of the medieval statutes of the Cathedral.
Taught in the Theological College.
Helped to organise Selwyn College, Cambridge, as a memorial to his friend, Bishop Selwyn.
A member of the College Council, 1882.
Commemorated as a benefactor.
Married Caroline Harriet, dau. of Sir Charles Thomas Palmer, Bart., of Wanlip, Leics., Jan. 17, 1850.
Lived latterly at Bakewell Vicarage, Derbs., with his son the Rev. Charles Thomas Abraham.
Author, religious.
Died Feb. 4, 1903, at Bakewell.
Buried at Over Haddon.
M.I. in Eton College Chapel.
(King's Coll.
Adm. Reg.; D.N.B., 2nd Suppl.) 
Abraham, Rt. Rev. Charles John (I1229)
81 Adm. at KING'S, a scholar from Eton, Oct. 11, 1872. [Only] s. of [the Rev.] E[dward] J[ohn] (next). B. [Nov. 25], 1853. [School, Eton.] Matric. Michs. 1872; Carus prize, 1872; Bell Scholar, 1873; Browne medal, 1874-5; B.A. (7th Classic) 1876; M.A. 1879; B.D. 1899; D.D. 1900. Fellow, 1876-85; Dean and Divinity Lecturer, 1880-2. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) 1879; priest, 1881; C. of St Paul's, Jarrow-on-Tyne, 1880-1. Select Preacher at Cambridge, 1881, etc. Principal of Liverpool College, 1882-7; Head Master of Uppingham School, 1887-1907. Hon. Canon of Peterborough, 1905. Married (1) Lucy Ada (Arnold), adopted dau. of J. W. Cropper, of Liverpool and granddaughter of Dr Arnold, of Rugby; (2) Maud Stewart, dau. of James A. Dunn, and had issue. Author, The Christian Prophets; St Luke the Prophet; The Oracles in the New Testament; etc Resided latterly at Hindhead. Died Nov. 8, 1918. (King's Coll. Reg.; Schoolmasters' Directories; Crockford; Who was Who.) Selwyn, Rev. Edward Carus (I0033)
82 Adm. at KING'S, a scholar from Eton, Oct. 11, 1879. [3rd] s. of Robert, Baron of the Russian Empire, of Essendon, Herts. B. July 18, 1860, at 9, Hyde Park Street, London. Matric. Michs. 1879; Browne Medallist, 1882; B.A. (Class. Trip., Pt I, 1st Class, 1882; Class Trip., Pt II, 1st Class, 1883), 1883; M.A. 1886. Fellow, 1885. Tutor and Lecturer at King's, 1885-1912. Author, Latin Literature. Of The Hill House, Coton, Cambs. Died July 28, 1919, aged 59, from a gun-shot wound, self inflicted during temporary insanity. Brother of Charles R. S. (1875). (Burke, P. and B., 2683; Eton Sch. Lists; King's Coll. Reg.) Dimsdale, Marcus Southwell (I0640)
83 Adm. at KING'S, Oct. 8, 1884. Only s. of the Rev. William (above), V. of Bromfield, Salop. Schools, Eton and Bilton Grange. Matric. Michs. 1884; B.A. 1887; M.A. 1891. Private Secretary to Sir Arthur Gordon [Lord Stanmore], Governor of Ceylon, 1888-90. Ord. deacon (Durham) 1891; priest, 1892; C. of Bishop Auckland, Durham, 1891-3. Died Oct. 5, 1893, of typhoid fever. (King's Coll. Reg.; Eton Sch. Lists; Bilton Grange Reg.; Crockford; The Guardian, Oct. 11, 1893.) Selwyn, Rev. William George (I0413)
84 Adm. Fell.-Com. at CLARE, 23 May, 1728. B. in London. Possibly s. of John, of Gloucestershire. If so, M.P. for Whitchurch [???], 1734-51 . Died 27 Jun., 1751, aged 42. (A. B. Beaven.) Selwyn, John Henry Augustus (I0506)
85 Adm. Fell.-Com. at EMMANUEL, Michs. 1642. Probably s. and h. of Francis, of Friston, Sussex (and Penelope, dau. of Sir George Shurley, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland). Matric. 1642 . Probably nephew of Anthony (1612). (Vis. of Sussex, 1530, 1633-4 .) Selwyn, Francis (I0943)
86 Adm. Fell.-Com. at JESUS, 04 Oct., 1701. S. and h. of Sir Edward, Knt., of Friston, Sussex, Matric. 1701 . Adm. at the Inner Temple, 02 Jun., 1702. Died s.p., 09 Feb., 1704/5. M.I. at Friston [ Sussex]. (Sussex Archaeol. Coll., XV. 211.) Selwyn, William Thomas (I0819)
87 Adm. Fell.-Com. at ST JOHN'S, Oct. 8, 1767. Elder s. of William [1st] Baron Boston, of Middlesex [and Albinia, dau. of Henry Selwyn, of Matson, Gloucs.]. [B. June 9, 1749.] School, Eton. Matric. Easter, 1769; M.A. 1769. D.C.L., Oxford, July 8, 1773. F.S.A. Succeeded his father as 2nd Lord Boston, 1775. Lord of the Bedchamber, 1780-1825. Married, May 15, 1775, Christiana, dau. of Paul Methuen, of Corsham House, Wilts. Died Mar. 23, 1825, in Lower Grosvenor Street, London. Father of the next and of William A. (1801). A portrait of him by Romney is in the Provost's Lodge at Eton. (Al. Oxon.; Burke, P. and B., 1940; Eton Coll. Reg.; St John's Coll. Adm., III. 720, and IV. 326; G.E.C.; Thompson, Hist. of Boston, 397, which gives 'died Mar. 28.') Irby, Frederick (I1069)
88 Adm. Fell.-Com. at TRINITY, June 30, 1649. B. in London. S. and h. of Sir Richard, of Layer-de-la-Hay, Essex, Knt. (and Bart.). Adm. at Gray's Inn, Dec. 31, 1650. Of Sudbury, Kent, Esq. Died at Montpelier, 1677. M.I. in Wimbledon Church. Brother of Edward (1650). (Essex Pedigrees; Surrey Archael. Coll. X. 161.) Betenson, Sir Richard (I1165)
89 Adm. pens. (age 17) at ST JOHN'S, Apr. 16, 1784. [Eldest] s. of William (1749), barrister-at-law. B. at Richmond, Surrey. School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1784; Scholar, 1784; Browne medal, 1787; B.A. 1788; M.A. 1791. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 13, 1787. Ord. deacon (Norwich) May 13, 1792; priest (Lincoln, Litt. dim. from Peterb.) Dec. 21, 1793; C. of Exning, Suffolk, 1792-3. R. of Whiston, Northants., 1793-1800. Died Aug. 3, 1800, in King's Road, Bedford Row, London. Brother of William (1792). (Eton Coll. Reg.; St John's Coll. Adm., IV. 473; Inns of Court; Northants. Clergy, which gives died Aug. 13.) Selwyn, Rev. George (I0374)
90 Adm. pens. (age 17) at TRINITY, Jan. 8, 1830. [3rd] s. of William (1792). B. [Mar. 19], 1812, at Hampstead, London. School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1830; Scholar, 1832; Craven Scholar, 1833; B.A. 1834; 1st Chancellor's (Classical) medal, 1834. Died July 5, 1834, at Chester. Brother of William (1823), George A. (1826) and Charles J. (1832). (G. Mag., 1834, II. 331; D.N.B. (sub his father).) Selwyn, Thomas Kynaston (I0385)
91 Adm. pens. (age 18) at TRINITY, 25 May, 1749. S. of Henry, of London. School, Westminster [ London]. Matric. 1749 ; Scholar, 1750 . Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, 05 Jul., 1749. K.C., 1780 . M.P. for Whitchurch, Hampshire, 1783-90 . Married Frances Elizabeth, dau. of Dr John Dodd, of Woodford, Essex. Died at Richmond, Surrey, 21 Aug., 1817; buried at Chislehurst, Kent. (Al. Westmon., 350.) Selwyn, William KC (I0361)
92 Adm. pens. (age 19) at JESUS, Oct. 1, 1870. S. of the Rev. Sir John Leigh, R. of Aston-Tirrold, Berks. [B. there May 22, 1851.] Schools, Lancing and Haileybury. Matric. Michs. 1870; B.A. 1874; M.A. 1880; D.D. 1901. Rowing ?blue,? 1873. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 1874; priest, 1875; C. of Welwyn, Herts., 1874-9. C. of Quebec Chapel, London, 1879-81. V. of St Clement's, Notting Hill, 1881-6. R. of St Dunstan's, Stepney, 1886-96. V. of Bolton-le-Moors, Lancs., 1896-1901. Rural Dean and Canon of Manchester, 1899-1901. Bishop (Suffragan) of Burnley, 1901-4. Bishop of Southwell, 1904-25. Ramsden Preacher, 1905. Succeeded his brother, Leigh, as 12th Bart., Sept. 12, 1923. Died Dec. 2, 1925. Brother of the above. (Lancing Coll. Reg.; Burke, P. and B., 1940; Fox-Davies, Armorial Families; Crockford; Who was Who; E. G. Selwyn.) Hoskyns, Rt. Rev. Sir Edwyn 12th Bt. (I0678)
93 Adm. pens. (age 19) at JESUS, Oct. 1, 1877. [Eldest] s. of Frederick Leopold Augustus, Rear-Admiral, R.N., of Wincanton, Somerset. B. at Kingsbridge, Devon. School, Sherborne. Matric. Michs. 1877; B.A. 1881. Ord. deacon (Ely) 1880; priest, 1882; C. of Sudbury, Suffolk, 1880-3. C. of St Paul's, Brentford, Middlesex, 1883-5. C. of Stowmarket, Suffolk, 1883-6. C. of Rickinghall Superior, 1887-8. R. of Turnworth, Dorset, 1888-91. C. of Tisbury, Wilts., 1891-3. C. of Calne, 1894-9. R. of Monkton-Farleigh, 1899-1919. Subsequently of 1, Woodhill Place, Bathwick Hill, Bath. Died June 21, 1926. (Sherborne Reg.; Crockford; The Times, June 24, 1926.) Selwyn, Rev. Reginald Townshend (I0185)
94 Adm. pens. at CORPUS CHRISTI, Oct. 1, 1877. Of Yorks. [S. of William Marshall, of Longwood, Bingley.] B. Oct. 7, 1856, at Beccles Hall, near Bradford. School, Norwich Grammar. Matric. Michs. 1877 B.A. 1881; M.A. 1884. Ord. deacon (London) 1881; priest, 1883; C. of St Giles-in-the-Fields, 1881-4. C. of Lowestoft, 1884-6. C. of Old Radford, Notts., 1886-8. P.C. of St George's, Brighton, 1888-1903. V. of St Mary's, Spring Grove, Heston, Middlesex, 1903-13. C.P.M.S. Missionary, dio. of Canterbury, 1913-14. R. of Reedham with Freethorpe, Norfolk, 1914-22. Married (1) May 27, 1886, Helen Blanche Margaret, youngest dau. of G. Watson, Esq., of Fakenham; (2) Dec. 3, 1900, Violette Elizabeth, youngest dau. of T. W. Carr Dickinson, of Cheltenham. Latterly of Moorlands, Kingsdown, Deal. Disappears from Crockford, 1934. Brother of Sydney A. (1871). Selwyn, Rev. William Maingay (I0289)
95 Adm. pens. at CORPUS CHRISTI, Oct. 2, 1875. Of Yorks. B. Nov. 19, 1856, at Bierley Hall, near Bradford. School, Norwich Grammar. Matric. Michs. 1875; B.A. 1879; M.A. 1884. Ord. deacon (St Albans) 1883; C. of Dedham, Essex, 1883-5. Died Mar. 3, 1885, at Norwich, aged 28. (The Guardian, Mar. 11, 1885; Crockford.) Selwyn, Rev. George Arthur (I0572)
96 Adm. pens. at EMMANUEL, Oct. 1898. [2nd] s. of [the Rev.] S[ydney] A[ugustus] (1871), of Boscombe vicarage, Bournemouth (and Ellen M. Blake). B. Feb. 15, 1879. [School, Haileybury.] Matric. Michs. 1898; B.A. 1901; M.A. 1906. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 1902; priest, 1903; C. of All Saints, South Lambeth, 1902-8. V. of St Simon Zelotes, Upper Chelsea, 1908-21. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Chaplain, R.A.C.D.). Chaplain of the Embassy Church, Rue d'Aguesseau, Paris, 1921-9. V. of Holy Trinity, Bournemouth, 1929-31. V. of Brompton, 1931-8. R. of Bath, 1938-47. Archdeacon of Bath and Preb. of Wells, 1938-47. Suffragan Bishop of Fulham, 1947-9; resigned. R. of St Anne and St Agnes, Gresham Street, London., 1947-9. Died Sept. 29, 1951. (Haileybury Reg.; Crockford; Who's Who; The Times, Oct. 1, 1951.) Selwyn, Rt. Rev. William Marshall (I0580)
97 Adm. pens. at SELWYN H., Oct. 10, 1885. B. Sept. 22, 1866. Matric. Michs. 1885; B.A. 1888; M.A. 1892. Ord. deacon (Rochester) 1889; priest, 1890; C. of St Stephen's, Battersea, 1889-91. C. of Holy Trinity, Richmond, Surrey, 1891-3. R. of Stapleford, Herts., 1893-5. R. of Bengeo, 1895-1901. V. of St Matthew's, West Ham, 1901-9. V. of St Paul's, Brixton, 1913-15. Served in the Great War, 1914-19 (Chaplain, R.A.C.D.; mentioned in Secretary of State's List for 'valuable services'). Missionary, C.P.M.S., 1910-12 and 1919-23. C. of St George-the-Martyr, Deal, 1923-4. Married (1) Apr. 7, 1891, Edith Maria, dau. of J. Gordon, of London; (2) Oct. 12, 1910, Adelaide Julia, widow of Capt. E. G. McBride, North Staffs. Regt. Latterly of Glendonagh Cottage, Boscombe, where he died Jan. 26, 1936. (Crockford; The Times, Jan. 29, 1936.) Selwyn, Rev. Herbert Edward (I0573)
98 Adm. pens. at ST CATHARINE'S, Nov. 18, 1819. Of Gloucs. [Previously in the Royal Artillery; Cadet, 1808; Second Lieut., 1811; Lieut., 1814.] Matric. Lent, 1820; B.A. 1824; M.A. 1840. Ord. deacon (Chester) 1823; priest (Winchester) 1823; V. of Ruddington, Notts., 1823-38. P.C. of Edwalton, 1833-8. R. of Hemingford Abbots, Hunts., 1838-65. Disappears from Clergy List, 1867. Father of Edward J. (1841). (Scott, MSS.; List of Officers of the Royal Regt. of Artillery.) Selwyn, Rev. Edward (I0022)
99 Adm. pens. at ST JOHN'S, Apr. 20, 1858. [Eldest] s. of the Rt. Rev. George Augustus (1826) (and Sarah Harriet, dau. of Sir John Richardson). B. [Mar. 27, 1840], at New Windsor, Berks. Bapt. May 6, 1840. [School, Eton.] Matric. Michs. 1858; B.A. 1862; M.A. 1865. Ord. deacon (Worcester) 1864; priest, 1865; C. of Chaddesley Corbett, Worcs., 1864-6. V. of Bromfield, Salop, 1866-1907. Domestic Chaplain to the Bishop of Lichfield, 1875-8. Preb. of Hereford, 1901-14. Married, Oct. 20, 1864, Harriet Susan, dau. of the Rev. Ambrose Steward, of Ipswich. Latterly of Quarry House, Aylestone Hill, Hereford, where he died Dec. 24, 1914; buried at Bromfield. Brother of John R. (1862); father of the next. (St John's Coll. Reg.; Eton Sch. Lists; Eagle, XXXVI. 219; Crockford; Who was Who.) Selwyn, Rev. William (I0408)
100 Adm. pens. at ST JOHN'S, June 24, 1826. [2nd] s. of William (1792), Esq. [K.C.], of Middlesex. [B. Apr. 5, 1809.] School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1827; Scholar, 1827; B.A. (2nd Classic) 831; M.A. 1834; D.D. (per Lit. Reg.) 1842. Fellow, 1833-40; Hon. Fellow, 1867-78. Adm. Hon. D.C.L. at Oxford, 1867. Rowing 'blue,' 1829. Sometime tutor to the sons of Lord Powis. Ord. deacon (Carlisle) June 9, 1833; priest (Carlisle, Litt. dim. from Ely) June 22, 1834; C. of Windsor, 1833-41. Ramsden Preacher, 1854. First Bishop of New Zealand, 1841-67. Bishop of Lichfield, 1867-78. Married, June 25, 1839, Sarah Harriet, dau. of Sir John Richardson, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. Author, Appendix to the Holy Bible, for the use of Missionaries; Are Cathedral Institutions Useless?; Remarks on Cathedral Reform; How shall we sing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land? New Zealand, or Letters to the S.P.G.; A Visitation Tour through the Diocese of New Zealand; etc. His letters and journals describing his early voyages in New Zealand give a vivid picture of his courage and energy. Died Apr. 11, 1878. Selwyn Public Hostel (subsequently Selwyn College) was erected by public subscription to his memory. Brother of William (1823), Thomas K. (1830) and Charles J. (1832); father of John R. (1862) and William (1858). (Memoir, by H. W. Tucker; Eton Sch. Lists; Crockford; D.N.B.) Selwyn, The Rt. Rev. George Augustus (I0384)

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