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101 Adm. pens. at ST JOHN'S, May 28, 1823. [Eldest] s. of William (above). [B. Feb. 19, 1806.] School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1824; Scholar, 1824; Browne medal, 1825-8; Craven Scholar, 1826; B.A. (6th Wrangler and Senior Classic) 1828; Chancellor's (Classical) medal, 1828; Norrisian prize, 1829; M.A. 1831; B.D. 1849; D.D. 1864. Fellow, 1829-32. Adm. ad eundem at Oxford, 1831. Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity, 1855-75. Ord. deacon (Ely) June 14, 1829; priest (Rochester) Apr. 10, 1831. R. of Branstone, Leics., 1831-46. Canon Residentiary of Ely, 1833-75. V. of Melbourne, Cambs., 1846-53. Ramsden Preacher, 1857. Chaplain-in-Ordinary to the Queen, 1859. F.R.S., 1866. Hon. Joint Curator, Lambeth Library, 1872. President of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 1867. Soon after his election to the Lady Margaret chair announced his intention of paying ¬£700 a year to the University to augment the salary of the then Norrisian Professor; this benefaction was afterwards devoted to the fund for the building of the Divinity School. F.R.A.S. Had photographs of the sun taken at Ely for an eleven-year period, 1863-73. Married, Aug. 22, 1832, Juliana Elizabeth, dau. of George Cooke, Esq. Author, Horae Hebraicae. Died Apr. 24, 1875; buried at Ely. Brother of George A. (1826), Thomas K. (1830) and Charles J. (1832). (Al. Oxon.; Crockford; Hist. Reg., 174; D.N.B.; Winstanley, Early Victorian Cambridge, 328.) Selwyn, The Rev. Canon William (I0383)
102 Adm. pens. at ST JOHN'S, Oct. 9, 1792. [2nd] s. of William (1749), K.C., of London (and Frances Elizabeth, dau. of Dr John Dod, of Woodford, Essex). [B. 1775.] School, Eton. Scholar, 1792. Kept three terms. Migrated (age 18) to Trinity, Oct. 11, 1793. Matric. Michs. 1794; Scholar, 1795; B.A. 1797; Chancellor's (Classical) medal, 1797; M.A. 1800. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 30, 1793. Called to the Bar, Nov. 24, 1807. On the Western Circuit. Instructed the Prince Consort in the laws and constitution of England. Recorder of Portsmouth, 1819-29. K.C., 1827; Bencher, 1827. Treasurer of Lincoln's Inn, 1840. Married, June 11, 1801, Laetitia Frances, dau. of Thomas Kynaston, Esq., of Witham, Essex (d. 1842). Succeeded to the family property at Richmond on the death of his father. Resided at Pagoda House, New Road, Richmond and at Tunbridge Wells. Author, An Abridgement of Law of Nisi Prius; edited (with George Maule) Reports of Cases in the Court of King's Bench (6 vols., 1814-29). Died July 25, 1855, aged 80, at Tunbridge Wells; buried at Rustall. Brother of George (1784); father of George A. (1826), Thomas K. (1830), Charles J. (1832) and the next. (Eton Coll. Reg.; Inns of Court; St John's Coll. Adm., IV. 473; D.N.B.) Selwyn, William QC (I0376)
103 Adm. pens. at TRINITY, June 13, 1893. [Eldest] s. of the Rt. Rev. John Richardson (1862), Master of Selwyn Hostel. B. Aug. 5, 1875, in Norfolk Island, New Zealand. School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1893; B.A. 1896; M.A. 1902. Ord. deacon (Lichfield) 1898; priest, 1899; C. of St Matthew's, Walsall, Staffs., 1898-1901. C. of St Mary's, Handsworth, 1901-8. V. of Rushall, 1908-9. V. of Hope, 1910-11. V. of Repton, Derbs., 1911-24. V. of Foremark, 1915-24. Perm. to off., dio. of Oxford, 1924-47-. Of Matson House, Remenham, Henley-on-Thames, in 1952. (Eton Sch. Lists; Crockford.) Selwyn, Rev. Stephen John (I0420)
104 Adm. pens. at TRINITY, June 30, 1832. [Youngest s. of William (1792) (and Laetitia Frances, dau. of Thomas Kynaston, Esq.). [B. Oct. 13, 1813.] Schools, Ealing and Eton.] Matric. Michs. 1832; B.A. 1836; M.A. 1839 Hon. LL.D. 1862. Commissary, 1855-68. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Mar. 31, 1836. Called to the Bar, Jan. 27, 1840. Bencher, 1856-69; Q.C. M.P. for the University, 1859-68. Of Richmond, Surrey. Knighted, 1867. Solicitor-General, 1867. P.C., 1868. Lord Justice of Appeal, 1868-9. Married (1) 1856, Hester, dau. of John Goldsborough Ravenshaw, Chairman of the H.E.I.C.; (2) 1869, Catherine Rosalie, dau. of Col. G. T. Greene, I.C.S. Author (jointly), Annals of the Diocese of New Zealand. Died Aug. 11, 1869. Brother of William (1823), George A. (1826) and Thomas K. (1830); father of the next. (Eton Sch. Lists; Boase, . 488; Inns of Court; D.N.B.) Selwyn, The Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Jasper PC QC (I0386)
105 Adm. pens. at TRINITY, June 7, 1876. [Eldest] s. of the Rt. Hon. Charles Jasper (above), Lord Justice in Chancery (and Hester, 5th dau. of John Goldsborough Ravenshaw, Esq.). B. [Mar. 7], 1858, in London. School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1876. Second Lieut., Royal Horse Guards, 1878; Lieut., 1880; Capt., 1885. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Nov. 2, 1886, age 28. Of Selwyn Court, Surrey. D.L. for Cambs. M.P. for Wisbech Division of Cambs., 1886-91. Married, 1884, Isabella Constance, 2nd dau. of Frederick Gonerman Dalgety, Esq., of Lockerley Hall, Hants. Died 1893, in New Zealand. (Eton Sch. Lists; Inns of Court; Army Lists; Walford, County Families; Trin. Adm. Reg. calls his father 'Bishop of Lichfield.') Selwyn, Capt. Charles William (I0396)
106 Adm. pens. at TRINITY, Nov. 20, 1841. [S. of the Rev. Edward (1819), R. of Hemingford Abbots, Hunts. B. 1822, at Cambridge. Schools, Repton and Oakham.] Matric. Lent, 1843; Scholar, 1843; Bell Scholar, 1843; B.A. 1846; M.A. 1849. Ord. deacon (London) 1847; priest, 1848. Head Master of Blackheath proprietary School, 1847-64. C. of Lee, Kent, 1859-64. C. of Wokingham, Berks., 1864-7. V. of Bickley, Kent, 1867-73. R. of Pluckley, 1873-93. Married, Maria Hughes, dau. of William Hughes Hughes, deceased, M.P. for Oxford. Died Aug. 15, 1893. Father of the above. (Repton Sch. Reg.; Oakham Sch. Reg.; Crockford; H. W. Ord; J. W. Kirby.)
Selwyn, Rev. Edward John (I0026)
107 Adm. pens. at TRINITY, Oct. 13, 1862. [Youngest] s. of the Rt. Rev. George Augustus (1826), D.D., Bishop of New Zealand (and Sarah Harriet, dau. of Sir John Richardson). B. [May 20], 1844, at Waimat√©, New Zealand. School, Eton. Matric. Michs. 1862; B.A. 1866; M.A. 1870; D.D. 1885. Rowing 'blue,' 1864, 1866. Master of Selwyn Hostel, 1893-8. Ord. deacon (Lichfield, by his father) 1869; priest, 1870; C. of Alrewas, Staffs., 1869-70. C. of St George's, Wolverhampton, 1870-1; V. there, 1871-2. Missionary in Melanesia, 1873-7. Bishop of Melanesia, 1877-91; forced by ill-health to retire. Ramsden Preacher, 1893. Hon. Chaplain to Queen Victoria, 1892-5. Married (1) Jan. 1872, Clara Long-Innes (d. 1877); (2) Aug. 1885, Annie Catherine, eldest dau. of Thomas Sutcliffe Mort, of Sydney, N.S.W. Author, Pastoral Work in the Colonies and the Mission Field. Largely instrumental in founding 'Cambridge House' in London. Died Feb. 12, 1898, at Pau, France. Father of Stephen J. (1893); brother of William (1858). (Boase, . 490; Crockford; Burke, Col. Gentry; D.N.B.) Selwyn, The Rt. Rev. John Richardson (I0410)
108 Aged 57 Simons, Frances (I0023)
109 Also known as "Turnip Townshend" see Wikipedia entry Townshend, Charles 2nd Viscount Townshend (I0625)
110 An article about William on the Moseley Society's website Adams, William J.P. (I1283)
111 An article was published in the Bath Chronicle on 26 April 2012. It described William's involvements at the Abbey during World War II. Selwyn, Rt. Rev. William Marshall (I0580)
112 An article entitled "William Selwyn: a sketch" written by J.S.Wood appeared in the Eagle (the annual record of St. John's College, Cambridge) edition ix (1873-5), p.298-322 Selwyn, The Rev. Canon William (I0383)
113 Appointed to be First. Secretary (Commercial), Her Majesty's Embassy, Beirut, 1962 Selwyn, John Sidney Augustus (I0586)
114 Appointed to be Her Majesty's Consul at Strasbourg, 18 Nov 1963 Selwyn, John Sidney Augustus (I0586)
115 Appointed to be Her Majesty's Consul-General for the departments of Haut Rhin, Bas-Rhin, Moselle, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Vosges, Haute Saone, -Doubs, and the territory of Belfort, Meuse, Haute-Marne and Jura, to reside at Strasbourg, 1 May 1964 Selwyn, John Sidney Augustus (I0586)
116 Appointed to be His Majesty's Consul at Lisbon, 3rd Feb. 1951 Selwyn, John Sidney Augustus (I0586)
117 Appointed to Indian Police, Officer-in-Charge, Police Training Centre, Hangu, North-West Frontier Province, 1939 Selwyn, John Sidney Augustus (I0586)
118 Arrived in Canada at Quebec City on October 4, 1869 on the ship Peruvian
Selwyn, Alfred Richard Cecil (I0143)
119 b. 2 Sept 1902 at Sheffield, dau. of Gladstone Adams, company director, and Alice Eades Brown; m. 17 Jan 1928 Rev Henry Sheldon Hutchinson MA (d.1962); 1s, 2d; Educ. Penrhos Coll. Colwyn Bay Co. Sch; Newnham 1921-1924, College scholar; Math. Trip. Pts I & II Cl.II 1922, 1924 1924 [gained Senior Optime in Math Tripos]; MA 1945. Inter-Diocesan Certif (Branch I), Cent. Council for Women?s Church Work 1948. A.M Bournemouth Girl?s H.S (now Talbot Health HS). 1924-26. Incorp. Member Mother?s Union, Diocesan Officer and speaker; church worker, Sunday school teacher and trainer of teachers. Organiser Forces Canteen 1939-1945 Adams, Ada Cecilie (I1073)
120 Bishop of Lichfield, 1868-78.  Selwyn, The Rt. Rev. George Augustus (I0384)
121 Bishop of Melanesia, 1877-1892 Selwyn, The Rt. Rev. John Richardson (I0410)
122 Bishop of New Zealand, 1841-68,
Selwyn, The Rt. Rev. George Augustus (I0384)
123 Bishop of Southwell Hoskyns, Rt. Rev. Sir Edwyn 12th Bt. (I0678)
124 Bishop of St. David's Murray, Lord George (I0729)
125 Canon of Ely Selwyn, The Rev. Canon William (I0383)
126 Canon of Gloucester Selwyn, Rev. Townshend (I0172)
127 Canon of Winchester Carus, Rev. William (I0140)
128 Capt in the Indian Police, having been sent down from Sandhurst for an unfortunate incident throwing another cadet in the lake. John told Richard Selwyn Sharpe this was the making of him as he fought in campaigns on the NW frontier in the late 1930s before joining the regular army in the war, where he fought in Burma with the Commandos. Selwyn, John Sidney Augustus (I0586)
129 Capt Royal Field Artillery in the Great War, also attached to he RAF and an ADC. Selwyn, Capt. John (I0044)
130 Chamberlain to Caroline Princess of Wales 1718-23.  Selwyn, Col. John (I0490)
131 Changed name to Palmer in 1818 under the terms of the will of his maternal grandfather. Hudson, Sir Charles Thomas (I1208)
132 Charles I used Matson House as his headquarters during the siege of Gloucester in 1643. Selwyn, William (I0513)
133 Chief Justice of Chester Jervis, Thomas KC (I1178)
134 Curate at South Church, Bishop Auckland Selwyn, Rev. William George (I0413)
135 Curate of Blockley 1784-86 Selwyn, Rev. Congreve (I0241)
136 Curate of Blockley. 1776-77 Selwyn, Rev. John (I0305)
137 Curate of St. Mary's, Bathwick, Bath Selwyn, Rev. Alexander Bernard (I0194)
138 Dean of Ely Peacock, Very Revd. George (I0393)
139 Dean of Winchester Selwyn, The Very Rev. Edward Gordon (I0040)
140 Director of Refuge Assurance Adams, Gladstone (I0702)
141 Educated at Eton and St John's College, Cambridge, 1827-31.
Selwyn, The Rt. Rev. George Augustus (I0384)
142 Entertained George III and Queen Charlotte at Matson during their visit to Cheltenham in 1788. Selwyn, George Augustus (I0508)
143 Equerry to Queen Caroline Selwyn, Col. John (I0490)
144 Equerry to Queen Caroline 1727-37 Selwyn, Maj. Charles (I0491)
145 File US Patent 412300 "Hydro-Metallurgical Method of Extracting Metals" on March 24, 1888 Selwyn, Adm. Jasper Henry (I0176)
146 File US Patent 4070437 "Improvement in treating ores of silver" on 18 Feb, 1873 Selwyn, Adm. Jasper Henry (I0176)
147 File US Patent 57269 "Improvement in breech-loading fire-arms" on 14 Aug, 1866 Selwyn, Adm. Jasper Henry (I0176)
148 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Clay, Maj. Gen. Wendy Arlene (I499)
149 From "British History Online" for Stonehouse: Manors and other estates

In the 16th century and early 17th an estate at Stonehouse and Ebley was acquired by the Selwyn family of Matson. In 1588 Jasper Selwyn bought a fulling-mill at Bridgend and lands from Humphrey Osborne, and in 1602 his estate in Stonehouse was described as 4 houses and over 100 a. of land. By his marriage to Margaret Robins in 1592 Jasper Selwyn acquired lands in Stonehouse and Ebley which had belonged in 1533 to Thomas Lane (d. 1544); Thomas's son, also Thomas, sold the lands in 1557 to John Robins of Matson, whose successor, Thomas Robins (d. c. 1578), left them to his daughter Margaret. In 1621 Jasper Selwyn's son William married Edith, daughter of an Ebley clothier, Leonard Bennett; her inheritance included Ebley Mill and the house called EBLEY COURT. Jasper Selwyn died in 1635 and William in 1643. The estate then passed to William's son, also William, who died in 1679. William the son of the younger William (d. 1702) then held the estate, and his widow Albinia (d. 1738) held it in 1711. In the late 17th century the property at Ebley included the cloth-mill with 70 a. of land, and another farm of 60 a., and, at Stonehouse, the Bridgend cloth-mill and c. 100 a. of land. Albinia Selwyn's son John died in 1751, and his son, George Augustus Selwyn, owned Ebley Mill in 1788 and died in 1791 when the estate passed to his nephew Thomas Townshend, Viscount Sydney.  
Selwyn, Jasper (I0536)
150 From "Friend in Deed" by Cyril Clegg (a book about the Refuge Assurance Co. Ltd.)

"Henry Adams,who was born at Hollins End near Sheffield,on March 3rd 1836,The youngest of of a large family who,at the age of nine,commenced work in a Yorkshire coal mine.His Family,to improve their circumstances, moved frequently,living at Masborough,Intake and Wombell Main Colliery,near Barnsley.

Henry Adams had none of the educational advantages enjoyed by the Youth of today,but like so many of the early Refuge Members,he was a devoted Methodist and received his early training at Sunday School.He was a thoughtful man.and working in the mines man under the conditions of those days,the need of the working man to save and protect himself and his family against the misfortunes of accident,disease and death was very apparant to him.

By the time he left the mines at the age of 27 in 1863 to join forces with James Proctor,he had already begun to form his own little local society in South Yorkshire;and in the years that followed until his death in 1906,he successfully developed the business of the Refuge not only in South Yorkshire,but in the Counties of Derby,Lincoln and Nottingham,While his son William Adams pioneered the business in the Birmingham area." 
Adams, Henry (I1277)

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