Mum and Dad's Wedding

Wedding of Jane Violet Mary Matthew to Walter George Selwyn on 17 December 1955 at St. Cross, Winchester
The Bride Arriving with her Father Bridegroom and Best Man Margaret Matthew        Julia Bedford      Catherine Hutchinson Bridesmaids Basil Selwyn      David L-Smith      Philip Hutchinson      Peter Bedford Ushers
The Bride's Mother (Rt.) Arriving with Aunt Edith (Lt.) and Aunt Violet Little Granny      Uncle Walter      Granny Selwyn Norah Druce      Peggy Purdy Cousin Victor      Cousin Edie
Robin Tupley      Jill Atkinson      Audrey Butler Joan      Mrs. L-Smith      Mr. L-Smith Dr. and Mrs. Ian Stoddart The Dean of Winchester and Mrs. Selwyn
'Tricia and Ronnie Gates (Capt. R.E.) Jane and David Pratt Robert Creasy      Clare Creasy      Jackie Jones      Brian Jones The Bride and Bridegroom Leaving The Church Thro' Sword Arch
17.Untitled Dave Moseley      Alan B Collins      Dave Pratt      Robert Creasy      Chris Putler      Brian Jones      Alan Holloway George Oxley(Best Man)      Julia Bedford      Groom's Mother      Groom's Father      Groom      Bride      Bride's Mother      Bride's Father      Margaret Matthew      Catherine Hutchinson 20.Untitled
Leaving St. Cross Reception Bound 23.Untitled The Toast
The Answer 26.Untitled Toasting the Bridesmaids Outward Bound
29.Untitled 30.Untitled 31.Untitled 32.Untitled