Canal du Midi 2006

P8140002 Laurence driving
1 Laurence driving
P8140005 Entering a lock
4 Entering a lock
P8140006 Locking
5 Locking
P8140007 Hold on tight Laurence!
6 Hold on tight Laurence!
P8140008 In a double lock
7 In a double lock
P8150009 Another lock
8 Another lock
P8150010 Sculpture by lock keeper
9 Sculpture by lock keeper
P8150011 Lock keeper and one of his sculptures
10 Lock keeper and one of his sculptures
P8150012 And action!
11 And action!
P8150013 More sculptures...
12 More sculptures...
P8150014 Sculptures for sale
13 Sculptures for sale
P8150015 More sculptures...
14 More sculptures...
P8150016 And more...
15 And more...
P8150017 An elephant on the Midi
16 An elephant on the Midi
P8150019 Fir tree man
17 Fir tree man
P8150021 More sculptures...
18 More sculptures...
P8150022 Queueing for Fonfile staircase
19 Queueing for Fonfile staircase
P8150023 Fonfile staircase lock
20 Fonfile staircase lock