Canal du Midi 2006

P8140002  Laurence driving P8140003 P8140004 P8140005  Entering a lock
P8140006  Locking P8140007  Hold on tight Laurence! P8140008  In a double lock P8150009  Another lock
P8150010  Sculpture by lock keeper P8150011  Lock keeper and one of his sculptures P8150012  And action! P8150013  More sculptures...
P8150014  Sculptures for sale P8150015  More sculptures... P8150016  And more... P8150017  An elephant on the Midi
P8150019  Fir tree man P8150021  More sculptures... P8150022  Queueing for Fonfile staircase P8150023  Fonfile staircase lock
P8160024  Avenue of planes P8160025  Taking on water at Trebes P8160027  Swabbing the decks at Trebes P8160028
P8160029  Fresquel lock P8160030 P8160031  A boat race on land P8160032
P8160033  Approaching Carcassonne P8160034  Villesequelande P8160035 P8170036  Tidal wave!
P8170037 P8170038  Ascending double lock P8180039  Castelnaudary P8180040  Castelnaudary
P8180041 P8180042  Le Grand Bassin, Castelnaudary P8180043  Grand Bassin panorama P8180044  Grand Bassin panorama
P8180045  Grand Bassin panorama P8180046  Grand Bassin panorama P8180047  Grand Bassin panorama P8180048  Grand Bassin panorama
P8180049  Grand Bassin panorama P8180050  Grand Bassin panorama P8180051  Grand Bassin panorama P8180052  Grand Bassin panorama
P8180053  Grand Bassin panorama P8180054  Grand Bassin panorama P8180055 P8180056
P8180057 P8180058  Exit from Grand Bassin, Castelnaudary P8180060 P8180063
P8180064 P8180065 P8180066 P8180069  Leaving Castelnaudary
P8180070  Centuries of wear P8180071 P8180072 P8180073  Villepinte
P8190074  Plane tree P8190075 P8190076 P8190077  Overhanging avenue
P8190078  How far to Ouagadougou? P8190079  Vista to rival Versailles P8190080 P8190082
P8190083  Descending Lalande lock, Herminis lock ahead P8190085  Father and son P8190086 P8190087
P8190088  Outskirts of Carcassonne P8190090  Gateway to Carcassonne P8190092 P8190093
P8190094  Fountain of Neptune, Carcassonne P8190095  La Cite P8190096 P8200097  Fountain in La Bastide
P8200098  Old wall section, Carcassonne P8200099 P8200100  La Cite P8200101  La Cite
P8200102  La Cite P8200103  Gallo-Roman towers, La Cite P8200104  Carcassonne from La Cite P8200106  Medieval musician, La Cite
P8200107  Medieval musician, La Cite P8200108  St Nazaire, La Cite P8200109 P8200110  St Nazaire, La Cite
P8200111 P8200112 P8200113  La Cite from Old Bridge over L'Aude P8200116
P8200117  Fresquel lock P8210118  Stronger than stakes! P8210119 P8210120  Leaving Trebes
P8210121  Avenue of planes P8210122  Aiguille lock P8210123  Lock sculptures revisited P8210124  More sculptures...
P8210125  Remember the elephant? P8210127  Look Mum, a crocodile! P8210130  You can't get more local produce than this! P8220133  Overspill
P8220134  Mysterious code P8220135  Typical French lock (closed) P8220136  Swimming in lake, near Homps P8220137  Swimming in lake, near Homps
P8220138  Swimming in lake, near Homps P8220139  Hmm, it's not very deep... P8220140  Lake near Homps P8220141  Argens-Minervois
P8220142  Argens-Minervois P8220145  Wherever I go, there's always Pooh... P8220146  A small cheese P8220148  Argens-Minervois
P8230151  Laurence's cabin P8230152  Chris and Brenda's cabin P8230153  The saloon P8230154  The second oldest canal-bridge in the world
P8230157  Cave, Ventenac P8230158  Ventenac P8230161  Capestang P8230162
P8240163  Chez Laurence P8240165  Capestang P8250167  Salleles-d'Aude P8250170  "Sherbourne" in dry dock
P8250171  Crossing the Aude P8250172  Canal de la Robine P8250173  Via Domitia, Narbonne P8250174
P8250175 P8250176  St Just, Narbonne P8250177  St Just, Narbonne P8250178
P8250180  Hotel de Ville, Narbonne P8260181  Famous writer? P8260182  Fish market, Les Halles, Narbonne P8260183  Les Halles, Narbonne
P8260184  Les Halles, Narbonne P8260185  St Just, Narbonne P8260186